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This is me!

My name is Lucero Lissete, I was born in 1973 in Lima-Peru, I lived with my parents until I got married and moved to 1995.
In Peru, I worked for a government school for 2 years, assisting in the department of psychology and then teaching english in Braille system to blind children.
I did the first 2 years of college in Peru, when I moved I entered to Florida International University in Miami (FL) where I got my B.A. of Psychology. I am thinking to pursue studies in special education and rehabilitation of blind people.

My newborn 1996

I uploaded this black and white picture because I got some trouble with the color picture, so I decided to give it up and upload the pic in this color :( This is one of my first pic with my son Ivan, this is in the Hollywood Medical Center at Hollywood in Florida. My baby was only one day old in this pic..

Ivan Raphael

This is my little Ivan, it was taken in 1996 by my mother!
Ivan was born in december 14th, 1996. When he was born his weigth was 8 pounds 14 oz.. and it was by C-section..
He was presented into a Christian Church 2 weeks after he was born and he is growing healthy every day in God's grace..


And this pictures is from december 1997 and I really love it because those days Ivan was starting tantrumpting, making fun, breaking some stuff at home.. wow.. Nowadays, he understands more than those days.. but they are unforgettable!
Ivan is in this pic around 1 year old, he already plays, walks with trouble but he is strong, he likes dancing, he already has some teeth...
he already says "má" or "dá".. he was hyper with teething but he was full of love and smiles for us! We used to take him to the mall where he enjoyed watching other kids and people, and he also enjoyed the pool..
His favourite meal is plain spaghetti and over some cooked spinach, he loves asking for water and milk.. In spanish he says "agua" or "leche" demanding for his meals..
His favourite cartoon and doll is Mickey Mouse, he likes playing Lego and the last months he was understanding more on videos, so he likes: Barney Songs, Melody Disney, Sing Along Disney and some characters from Disney Classics.

Just a link to my home picture collection

Félix Borja (1940)

This is my daddy, he lives in Lima (Peru) and works for the famous Romero Group, Inc
this pic was taken in march 1997 when he met Ivan and met me here in the U.S.A.two years later I left Peru.
He is a busy, honest and handsome man, he cannot travel so much, but he is always in contact with us here in the states..
Daddy is truly devoted to the rest of my family in Lima and taking care of them he dedicates his whole life to build a better future for every one down there.

Nancy Vallejos de Borja (1949)

This is my mom, she is also living in Peru with my daddy, they have 29 years married..
she studied Education in Peru but nowadays she is at home as a wonderful mother and housewife, she took care of me every moment of my pregnancy and she is a pretty religious woman, open minded and friend of her daughters..
She adores my son, this picture was taken in december 1996 and I know she has more than 500 pictures of Ivan and me in Lima.

Paola Borja (1979)

This is my sister Paola, even though she is the youngest, she is taller than me.. she is studying Administration, Finances and Bussiness in Peru in a private college, she is single, dedicating her life to study, and social service for the catholic church
She just met Ivan in february 1998!